My new f(x) fanmerch that arrived today! So happy^^

Everything except for the wristbands(ebay) came from =D

Let’s see, I got

  • pillow
  • bag
  • umbrella
  • notebook
  • lanyard
  • pin
  • ruler
  • iphone/ipod button stickers
  • various photocard things
  • balloon
  • 2 wristbands

very happy now and I can’t wait to use them all =D I already stuck a button sticker on my iphone haha I like it! And I’m about to use the bag =)

Hopefully getting my Electric Shock stuff soon too!

→ Jun 21 2012 / PERMALINK

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  1. thisdragonisnotscary said: omg what are you rich?? o.o;
  2. rapmunstamain said: Where did you get all of it? o: Taobao?
  3. baron-von-chickenpants said: I’m SO JELLY. I WANT STUFFS. I love those bracelets.
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